Los tres cochinitos

Te amo como nunca me imagine amar. Gracias por enseñarme tanto y por convertirme en una mejor persona.



Ojalá  todos los días fueran como hoy,  ojalá todo lo que me resta de vida sea tan feliz como ahora.  Y si no,  si ya me tuviera que morir ahorita, entonces me moriría tranquila.


Pónganse en tendencia chavos!

The Colors You'll Be Wearing Next Spring: Rose Quartz, Buttercup, and More 

Sometimes the world of fashion has a bit of a crystal ball element to it—hello, we're all talking about spring 2016 now, before we've even started this fall! The color pros at Pantone traditionally reside as the seers who are providing our futuristic peek, releasing reports on what colors we'll be seeing a lot of in the future. They just wrapped up their research and have issued the official word on what's going to be hot for spring 2016.
"We saw a movement toward very calm shades contrasted with specific pops of bright primaries," Laurie Pressman, VP of Pantone's Color Institute, told us. "We [always] select ten colors because we feel that number allows us to express the full range and create a comprehensive color palette."


Bocetando web

30 Great Examples of Web Design Sketches

Although sketching is an old school method for web design,it is still the first for website creation.There are times you get stuck and frustrated in design process of a website so a piece of paper and a pencil will be a great helper for you.Sketching will help you stay focused on designing websites or blogs.
In today’s post we bring together a showcase website sketches for your inspiration.The below website sketches are great examples of how web designers plan their own website designs before going live.